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How to Obtain Benefits from consulting with an Attorney. Review of Personal, Family, Patrimonial and Business situation.

It is always desirable, and more so in this economic cycle, to analyze the personal and family circumstances that occur at a certain time to see if there are elements that, in the future, may give rise to conflicts that could end up having an impact on patrimonial aspects, both at a personal and business level.

In our office we carry out a study of these elements potentially capable of causing future conflict situations so that we can suggest the best ways to try to eliminate or at least minimize the possible negative effects of the situation at the moment that we revise it, by taking the appropriate decisions in both the personal (family relationships: marital and parent-child) and personal wealth (succession planning and contractual alternative measures, potential conflicts with personal assets) and business assets (essentially aspects related to the maintenance of the company and the issue of a family protocol).

The study to be performed includes, therefore, various aspects that should be analyzed through an actual meeting in our office in order to establish the different policy options depending on the client's individual situation as exposed to us, not being generally applicable solutions that meet these purposes automatically, but alternatives must be analyzed and considered for each individual situation laid before us.

Also from our analysis there can be avoided expenses that had not been considered or minimize them reviewing existing contracts to be renegotiated or check their exact compliance, as might be the case of mortgage contracts.

Our firm is characterized by personalized attention to each client. We aim to be your trusted lawyer. Consult your situation. It is quite possible that you can avoid economic risks you were not aware of.

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