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After the death of a person certain necessary procedures must be performed before accepting the inheritance.

As a first step it must be gotten the Death Certificate of the person deceased.

To know whether or not there was any will granted it is necessary to obtain the certificate of last wills. This certificate informs us whether the person died having left a will or died without making a will. It also tells us, if there were several wills, which is the last and before which Public Notary was it granted.

It will be necessary to obtain an authentic copy of the will.

Should there be no will it is necessary to proceed to seek the declaration of heirs ab intestato.

In either case, whether there is a will or not, an inventory of the assets of the estate must be made prior to appear before a Public Notary to grant the acceptance.

Later, before signing the real estate in the Land Registry, you must settle the inheritance tax. This must be settled within six months following the decease.

Given the complexity of the whole process of succession it is always advisable to get the assistance of an attorney to guide the process effectively, so as to avoid tax or other risks for not having done all the steps properly.

Sometimes there are also conflicts between family members called to the inheritance that counsel the intervention of a lawyer to coordinate the various interests at stake.

Our lawyers have over twenty years of experience and can give ample advise on any topic related with the inheritance, so we are at your disposal to offer consultations on this matter.

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