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Lawyers Compliance or Compliance

The Organic Law 1/2015 of 30 March, amending the Criminal Code introduced criminal liability of legal persons and companies both in Article 31a of the Penal Code.

For a company to be criminally responsible, the perpetrator must be part of the company and a direct or indirect benefit for the legal entity derived from crime must occur.

This responsibility of the Company was mainly due to lack of the necessary elements to prevent crime, ie not to have or to adopt control measures to prevent the commission of crimes. Compliance protocols or mandatory models serve as a defense or mitigating factor in his case, of criminal responsibility.

In our office we are dedicated to accompany the company in the design and development of a system of regulatory compliance to avoid or mitigate, where appropriate, criminal liability of the company in view of the activity of this and the specific risk that is taking in their daily activity.

Our services are to develop a protocol to avoid risks:

Development of a risk map
Define the actions that will make the body's internal risk prevention and who will compose.
Implement internal channels for detecting dangerous behaviors complaint.
Provide technical support to implement courses or talks aimed at workers.
Create formulate investigations and penalties when the protocol violations occur.
Support the internal charge in the bases of continuous review of the effectiveness of compliance protocols, adapting to the changes that are occurring in society and the company.

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