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There are people who die without having granted a will and whose inheritance is finally not claimed by anyone. In many cases, unclaimed inheritances are lost because the relatives of the deceased do not get to know that, by law, they were called to the inheritance. If no one claims them the state or autonomous communities become final heirs of these inheritances vacancies.

In Spain may inherit ab intestato (without a will) the relatives of the deceased until the fourth grade in order of proximity. That is, provided there are no heirs so designated, the law establishes that the inheritance shall pass to the next of kin: children, surviving spouse, parents, siblings, nephews and finally collaterals within the fourth degree. If none of these relatives exist, the goods would go to the State.

The exercise of inheritance claim prescribes after 30 years.

Should you know that a relative died without a will and without a wife or children find out if you are entitled to inherit. There are many unclaimed inheritances.

You can make an appointment in our office or send an email giving us details of the situation. We can help you to claim their inheritance.

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