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Certificate of death
This document gives faith of a person’s death: the place and date when it happened. This Certificate should be requested at the Civil Registry where the death occurred.

The Certificate of last wishes
It proves if a person has granted or not a will before a notary, and in which date. This certificate is required to perform any act of succession: a statement of heirs before a Public Notary or before the Judge and for the acceptance of inheritance.

The Certificate of Insurance Policy covering Death Contingency
It is the document that certifies the current contracts covering the death risk of the deceased and with what insurance company. If the deceased did not appear as part in a contract, it must be expressly stated in the certificate.
Insurance contracts for which it is possible to obtain a certificate are those relating to life insurance death cover and accident insurance to cover the contingency of the death of the insured, whether in individual or collective policies.
Our firm can help you and make efforts to obtain such certificates needed for the process of hereditary succession.

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